Prelim Summary Archive

What's Here?

This archive contains summaries of prelim readings written by the cohorts of 1997-98 to the present.  The primary purpose of the archive is to provide relief to those poor unfortunates taking the prelim.  By sharing existing summaries, we hope we can spare you the burden of writing your own.  However, we realize that these summaries are also useful for those taking certain classes.  For this reason, summaries have not been deleted from the archive when the associated reading is removed from the prelim bibliography.

Another prelim summary archive was compiled by the 1994-95 cohort.  Since the prelim bibliography was heavily revised (and shortened!) in 1998, it does not seem to be a worthwhile exercise to integrate the two archives.  Rather, the 1994-95 archive has been preserved in its entirety.  It may be found here.  Please note that when the 1994-95 archive includes a summary of reading that is still on the prelim bibliography today, I have usually provided a link to the relevant place in the 1994-95 section.  (For a few articles, a large number of summaries are available in this, current version of the archive.  So there is no point in including a link back to 1994-95.)

In the future, only this version of the archive will be updated.

   - Matthew Weinshenker, archivist for 2000-01

What's New?

12/13/00: The Urban and Ethnic, Population, and Gender and Family sections have been updated.

10/17/00: New summaries added to the Social Change and Formal Organization sections.

Classical Sociological Theory

Formal Organization

Gender and Family


Social Stratification

Political Sociology

Sociology of Culture

Social Change

Urban and Ethnic

The 1994-95 Prelim Summary Archive

Who Were the Contributors?

Following the practice of the original summary archive '94 - '95, authors are not identified within their individual summaries.  The following list enumerates those who have contributed to this archive so far.

Heather MacIndoe
Rachel Harvey
Carolyn Fuqua
Jennifer Buntin
Kirby Schroeder
Kosuke Nikaido
Nigel Gannon-Rowley
Nicholas P. Dempsey
Jeong-Han Kang
Matthew Weinshenker

Further submissions are always welcome, even if a summary of the reading in question is already here!  (However, we are especially searching for summaries of readings that are currently unavailable.)  Please send any contributions to

Special thanks to Kosuke Nikaido, who created this archive.

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